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Leading the charge in localising and scaling AI across Nigeria. We collaborate with stakeholders to craft solutions for diverse sectors across Nigeria. Collaborating with global partners, we blend international standards with homegrown innovation, elevating Nigeria's AI ecosystem.

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Unleashing AI's Potential in Nigeria

Join us in pioneering a future where technology empowers growth, innovation, and sustainability. Together, we're building a localised AI-driven Nigeria.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of data analytics to make informed decisions, reducing risks and optimizing outcomes

Unleash Efficiency & Innovation

Transform operations with AI, driving efficiency and sparking innovation across all departments

Future-Proof Your Organization

Invest in AI-driven growth to stay ahead, adapting to market changes with agile and forward-looking strategies

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leverage AI to understand and anticipate customer needs, delivering personalized, seamless experiences

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Leading AI Revolution in Nigeria

From community sensitization to influencing policies, our goal is to pave the way for an AI-powered future.

Empower Through Awareness

Spreading AI knowledge to fuel innovation and curiosity nationwide.

Learn with AI

Reimagining education through AI awareness, preparing the next generation.

Policy & Progress

Advocating for smart AI policies to secure a thriving, tech-savvy future.

We are Shaping the Future of AI in Nigeria.

As pioneers at the intersection of technology, policy, and community engagement, our journey in shaping Nigeria's AI landscape is marked by milestones.

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Pioneering AI Readiness in Nigeria

As we stand at the forefront of the AI revolution in Nigeria, our preparedness to lead and innovate is unparalleled.

AI Readiness Assessment
AI Strategy
AI Product Development
AI Transformation
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Your AI Adoption Partner: From Idea to Marketplace

AI in Nigeria is your 24/7 local partner with a global depth of resources and expertise.

We adapt AI for companies operating in Nigeria and beyond. From idea to marketplace, we are your partner for a Nigerianised AI solution

Readiness Assessment

AI readiness assessments guide organisations in evaluating and enhancing their capabilities for effective AI adoption and integration.

AI Strategy

An AI strategy offers clear direction, optimises resource allocation, drives innovation, improves efficiency, and creates competitive advantages for organisations.

AI Transformation

AI transformation fosters continuous improvement in companies through product innovation, service enhancement, and process optimisation, driving growth and competitive advantage.

We are here to equip organisations across Nigeria with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the power of AI effectively.

AI in Finance AI in Education AI in Technology

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The success stories and feedback from our valued clients and partners speak volumes about our dedication to delivering outstanding services and experiences.

Wonderful program. I’m so excited about the impact this forum is going to have on AI.

Imagine bringing such people in only their first conference!

Ehia Erhaboh and Dotun Adeoye did such an amazing job putting this together.

Thanks for this, Nigeria really needed this, Nigeria needs people like you guys.

Olakunle Adegeye

Event Attendee

Thank you for the opportunity to experience AI in Nigeria. I'm excited to join this amazing community, and I am looking forward to collaborating and developing new innovations that will solve the basic challenges of Nigeria (Food, Health, and Education) with AI.

Divine Chinecherem Israel


This is Nice to see..

I am building something amazing on AI

Ability Essien

Nigerian AI Enthusiast

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Mallam Abdulrahman Ado is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the public and private sectors, significantly contributing to Nigeria’s strategic industries, including telecommunications and energy. As a former Board Member and Director at 9Mobile, he played a crucial role in reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and strategic partnerships. His career highlights include pioneering roles in regulatory bodies, optimizing revenue systems, and spearheading corporate social responsibility initiatives.